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ICS Monthly Report: April 2022

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Each week, we will share the latest construction updates provided by ICS. If you would like to view past updates or learn more about our capital facilities plan, please visit the Facilities page. 

*This report is submitted from ICS on a weekly basis.

Maintenance/Transportation Building

Completed month of March 2022

  •  Ensured permits were secured.
  • Facilitated contractor mobilization.
  • Completed abatement in men’s bathroom.
  • Completed demolition.
  • Sawcut floors, completed plumbing rough-in, infilled plumbing.
  • Installed pad and bollards for condensing unit.
  • Completed framing new interior walls.
  • Began electrical rough-in.
  • Began masonry patching & infills.
  • Began HVAC rough-in.
  • Began steel rooftop supports.
  • Began sheetrock and additional insulation. 

Planned for month of April 2022

  • Complete sheetrock, taping & sanding.
  • Mechanical rooftop work.
  • Complete tile.
  • Complete HVAC system.
  • Begin painting

Sheridan Hills Elementary

Completed month of March 2022

  • Contractor has completed all open punchlist items.
  • Contractor continued submitting closeout documents.
  • ICS continued reviewing punchlist items and closeout documents. 

Planned for month of April 2022

  • Verify all closeout documents are complete.
  • Process Contractor’s final pay application. 

Richfield Middle School

Completed month of March 2022

  • Continued commissioning
  • Portions of Best Buy Teen Tech Center delivered and installed
  • Released retainage 

Planned for month of April 2022

  • Last of Best Buy Teen Tech Center furniture to arrive and be installed
  • Finish testing and balancing
  • Pay final pay application 

Central Education Center

Completed month of March 2022

  • Obtained and reviewed mechanical operation and maintenance manuals, warranty information, and as-built drawings.
  • ICS Commissioning confirmed documented issues have been addressed.
  • Assisted in troubleshooting hydronic system.
  • Ensured delivery and documentation of mechanical and plumbing attic stock.

Planned for month of April 2022

  • ICS Commissioning to conduct sequence testing on HVAC system.
  • Commissioning of chiller and dual temp system to be completed in spring. 

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