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Supporting Ourselves and Each Other

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Dear RPS Families,

The last few years have been difficult—the ongoing pandemic, civil unrest, partisan divides and social media feeds have left so many of us (and our students) overwhelmed, stressed and hurting.

Research shows that when a person is experiencing fear, anxiety, insecurity or other emotions related to their safety or connection to peers, they are not in a place to learn or to support others.

This year, we are focusing on a multi-tiered approach to supporting the social-emotional health and well-being of both staff and students here at RPS. 


  • When our teachers and support staff have the tools and resources they need to feel connected to their colleagues and supported by our community, they are in a better place to teach and support students. 
  • We are using a program this year called Conscious Discipline, that supports staff in practicing skills to be present and calm so they can support student learning. Specific skills include brain state knowledge, active calming through breathing strategies and self-affirmation, as well as creating a safe place for students in their classroom.


  • Like adults, students need to feel safe, welcome and connected when they are at school in order to learn. 
  • At the elementary level, students will be learning emotion management, problem-solving, empathy and kindness. 
  • At the secondary level, students will be learning self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship skills.

You can support these efforts by talking with your child(ren) about what they are learning or by reviewing some of the resources listed at the bottom of this email. 

In addition to this work, we are also introducing districtwide behavior expectations: Our students are kind, safe and responsible. Teachers and support staff will be working with students at all schools and grade levels to teach what this means and what this looks like in different places. Posters have been created and we attached three samples to this email for you to view. 

If you have any questions about Conscious Discipline or the districtwide behavior standards, please contact your child’s school.


Sample Posters

Safe Kind Responsible
Safe Responsible Kind
Safe Responsible Kind

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Our team will be prepared to support students and staff at all schools on Monday. We will work with partner organizations as needed to provide additional support for students or staff who need or want to talk with someone.

Student Meal Balance Reminders

Starting on Friday, Sept. 30, we will resume automated meal balance alerts. Read more for information about student meal balance reminders.

Richfield Health Resource Center

The Richfield Health Resource Center (RHRC) provides confidential, free and friendly healthcare. It is open to all children and youth who live in or attend school in Richfield, from birth to 21 years of age.

School Safety Information

We believe that safe schools start with a positive school climate and personal relationships with all of our students. That is why we focus on a proactive approach. Our staff members greet and welcome students each morning as they arrive at school, reach out to any students who may need additional support and provide regular social-emotional lessons in their classrooms.