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2020-21 Student Schedule

A student and teacher work on an assignment at Richfield Middle School

New Class Schedule for All Students

As we expand our hybrid program to four in-person days each week, we have developed a new student schedule, which takes effect on Thursday, April 8, 2021. This schedule applies to our distance learning students as well as our in-person hybrid students.

Key changes include:

  • The normal class periods have been replaced by longer 65-minute blocks. 
  • There is daily advisory time scheduled for College and Career Readiness (CCR), social-emotional learning (SEL) and/or team building.
  • All students are in distance learning on Wednesdays to complete assignments, meet with teachers during office hours, etc. 
  • Students in the hybrid program will be in the building four days each week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) and they will eat lunch in one of the two lunch periods or with their advisory teacher.

Expectations for students in the in-person/hybrid program:

  • When arriving to school, students are expected to get their grab & go breakfast from the entry and proceed directly to their advisory classroom.
  • Students will be expected to keep their face covering on at all times while in the building, covering their nose and mouth. Students may remove their mask to eat and drink during lunch. You can learn more about the District's face covering policy on our COVID-19 page.
  • Everyone will be expected to maintain social distancing around one another.
  • Students are expected to bring their charged Chromebooks to school every day. 

Expectations for students in distance learning:

  • Students must log in to the class Meet at the beginning of each hour.
  • Students will receive their direct instruction/guided practice along with the in-person/hybrid students. This will be facilitated by the classroom teacher. 
  • Students will be excused from the Meet by the teacher each hour to begin working on their independent class assignment, which must be completed and submitted to the teacher by the end of the class block.
  • If students are in need of additional support, students should attend the teacher’s office hours on the next available Wednesday. 

Student Schedule (effective Thursday, April 8)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9 -9:20 Morning meeting Morning meeting

Morning meeting

Morning meeting Morning meeting
9:24-10:29 Block 1/1A Block 5

Distance learning for ALL students

Student work time and teacher support

Virtual staff office hours by department:

  • 9:30-10 - ELA & Social Studies
  • 10-10:30 - Math & Science
  • 10:30-11 - Exploratory & SPED
Block 1/1B Block 5
10:33-11:38 Block 2 Block 6A Block 2 Block 6B
11:42-12:12 Lunch or recess Lunch or recess Lunch or recess Lunch or recess
12:16-12:46 Lunch or recess Lunch or recess Lunch or recess Lunch or recess
12:50-1:55 Block 3 Block 7/7A Block 3 Block 7/7B
1:59-3:04 Block 4 Advisory (CCR & SEL lessons) Block 4 Advisory (CCR & SEL lessons)
3:08-3:50 Advisory (team building) Advisory (team building) Advisory (team building) Advisory (team building)


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