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2022-23 Program Changes

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Beginning in the 2022-23 school year, there are several key changes in the way certain courses are sequenced and graded for students in grades 6-12. This is detailed in Policy 601: Academic Standards and Instructional Curriculum, which was ratified by the school board on December 6, 2021.

Key changes influenced by this policy include:

  • The removal of weighted grades starting with the class of 2026
  • The removal of class rank starting with the class of 2026
  • Changes in course offerings for Math, Global Language and Science
  • Course changes to the Dual Language Immersion program at RHS


In Richfield Public Schools, we believe that the sole purpose of grades is to reflect what students are capable of doing and what students have learned. Grades should not include subjective, non-academic measures related to participation, behavior, homework completion, attendance or persistence. Our aim as a school district is to work toward a more just and equitable grading system that supports all students in their learning of rigorous academic standards and performance expectations. 

Further, we acknowledge that weighted grades and reporting class rank are outdated practices that most districts have moved away from. Research shows that reporting class rank and weighting grades provide unnecessary stress and competition among students. By weighting advanced classes, we were inherently sending the message that advanced classes hold more significance than our core and elective classes that are offered based on student interest. 

Grading Changes

Changes in Course Offerings: Math

Changes in Course Offerings: Science

Changes in Course Offerings: Spanish

Changes in Course Offerings: DLI (grades 9-12)

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