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Course Descriptions


Band is a yearlong performance-based ensemble class. We focus on the development of individual and ensemble musicianship. Curriculum is scaffolded based on experience. You will learn the foundations of sound/tone development, note reading, rehearsal/practice techniques, and instrument care. Individual instrumental technique will be developed through rehearsals and presented at performances. A solid musical foundation will be accomplished through a study of diverse, experience-based literature.


Choir is a yearlong performance-based ensemble class. We focus on diverse music genres including classical jazz, folk, spirituals, multicultural and pop music while developing individual and ensemble musicianship. 

Music Explore

Music Explore is required for all students not in Band or Choir. The purpose of this course is to increase your musical awareness and give you the tools to actively listen, discuss and critique various styles of music. The first portion of the course will focus on learning the basic elements of music: melody, rhythm, harmony, form, timbre/texture, tempo and dynamics. Using appropriate music vocabulary, you will study and discuss a variety of musical genres.

Questions About Music

Who can join?

Anyone can join and everyone should! Music makes you smarter and music takes you farther. Be the Band. Be the Choir. Music does more than just make sounds. Learning music changes the way you think and act. The skills you learn in Band or Choir help you be successful on the stage, in the classroom and for the rest of your life. Band and Choir have a place for you! We have an entry point class for every student.

Why should I join?

Band and Choir do more than just rehearse music and perform concerts. Students develop lifelong friendships, learn and perform together, overcome challenges, become part of something bigger than themselves, develop positive habits and educate their hearts as well as their minds.

Which group should I join?

  • If you want to learn to play a musical instrument, JOIN BAND!
  • If you love singing in groups with your friends, JOIN CHOIR!

How do I join?

Band and Choir are elective meaning you have to choose to be in them. Both are year-long courses that will make you glad you signed up. Contact Mr. Needleman or Mr. Sandel for information on how to join (contact info below).

Ensembles and other opportunities

We have a variety of different performance opportunities, including: grade-level choirs, experience-level bands, RMS concerts, homecoming and parades with Richfield High School, performance tours, field trips and more!

Frequently Asked Student Questions

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