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Walk to the Vote

The Details

Who: Richfield Middle School students, teachers and administrators. This campaign is a partnership between RMS administrators, the RMS social studies department and the Richfield Public Schools Safe Routes to School program.

What: A schoolwide challenge at RMS to encourage walking and to teach students about the history of voting and elections in the United States.

When: This challenge will be conducted between Monday, October 5 (the first day of Walking & Biking Week), and Tuesday, November 3 (federal election day and school elections).

Where: Everywhere. Students will be encouraged to walk while at school during in-person advisory days as well as while at home during distance learning days.

Why: Physical activity such as walking leads to greater connection to your community, positive physical and mental health outcomes, cleaner air and more fun. Knowledge of civic rights and responsibilities leads to greater participation in one’s community and our democracy.

The Challenge

RMS students will be challenged to walk 2,020 miles during the challenge period and log their miles. Each grade level is being challenged to walk 2,020 miles (approximately 6-7 miles per student during the course of the challenge). 

Log your miles here (English) (Spanish).

When you walk or bike, please consider these 9 tips to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable trip:

  1. Test the route on a non-school day. You’ll discover how long your trip takes and identify any potential hazards along the way.
  2. Use sidewalks and bike lanes whenever possible.
  3. Take extra care when you approach intersections, driveways or other busy parts of the roadway. Look left, right and left again before crossing the street. Continue looking in each direction as you cross.
  4. If biking, always wear a helmet. 
  5. Bicyclists must obey motor vehicle laws. That includes yielding to pedestrians, stopping for stop signs, signaling turns and traveling with the flow of traffic.
  6. Every school has a bike rack. Make sure to remember a lock.
  7. Be alert. Having your eyes on your phone means they aren’t on the road or traffic. If using headphones, keep the volume low to hear what is happening around you.
  8. Dress for the weather. Bright or reflective clothing is never a bad idea, especially in the darker winter months.
  9. If you start walking or biking more often, let the staff of your school know. They’ll keep an eye out for you!

Walk to the Vote Photo Album

Three boys wearing masks and gloves show off their trash grabbers outside the school

Picking up trash around the school for exercise—and for helping the planet!

Students balancing eggs on spoons while walking outside

The egg race was fun and also a good way to earn some activity points!

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